Alleycat Player Release Notes (v4a to v4h)

Release notes for v4a (June 29, 2020) -- source

Welcome to the newly refurbished Alleycat Player. Actually, not much has changed. If you have used this application before then you won't see a major difference. What I've done is provide clearer instructions for the proper installation and usage of this app. I think a lot of people were confused because the whole thing did have the appearance of a kludge. The Local Proxy Server is a critical part of Alleycat Player.

Release notes for v4b (August 7, 2020) -- source

Release notes for v4c (September 19, 2020) -- source

Release notes for v4d (December 13, 2020) -- source

Release notes for v4e (February 21, 2021) -- source

If you are interested, here are my observations to show you why the popup windows were a vexing problem:

Release notes for v4f (February 28, 2021) -- source

These notes are reposted in case you missed them:

Release notes for v4g (May 23, 2021) -- source

Release notes for v4h (June 23, 2021) -- source

Compatibility notes: