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Scroll down for instructions.

This demo is tiny compared to the full version of Alleycat Player. It is not possible to provide more than a few sites for demonstration due to the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) issue which is fully explained in the Alleycat Player installation manual. The supported sites are these:

Banned Video at - Brand New Tube at - The Archive at

The player is designed to fit a standard 4:3 video monitor. If you have a wide-screen monitor then you may need to zoom in so that the player fits your screen width. Open one of the sites and look for an interesting video to play. Do not open the video page. Just right-click to copy the link and then paste it in the Alleycat Player input line. Press the "Play Video" button and your video should play. You can select the desired resolution (360p, 480p, 720p). Note that the actual resolution may not match your selection. When the video starts, the resolution will be shown in the box next to the input line. You can press "Clear" to clear the viewer. Press "Copy Link" if you wish to copy the link to the clipboard so that you can play the video in VLC or SMPlayer or whatever.

Banned Video and The Archive supply the m3u8 format while Brand New Tube supplies mp4. You can download an mp4 video but not an m3u8 (also referred to as HLS). To play an Internet TV channel, just press the button. The channels are delivered as m3u8. Alleycat Player loads the HLS/m3u8 player from this location: - see this GitHub project

If you like what you see then go here for the real thing.