J6 Video Download

This app can save the video as a DASH file with the ".mpd" extension. Inside the file, the links to the video segments are modified to include the full path and a security token. The token will expire in one hour so you need to use the file immediately after saving.

The file may be used with an external video player or with FFMPEG or any app which can handle the DASH format. There are two video resolutions available: 480p and 1080p. You can also save the video as an MP4 file (this works by concatenating the video segments). Press the MP4 button again to cancel the download.

You can play the video inside the browser though this is a very basic feature. The videos are listed in ascending order by file name. A text area is provided with each video for notes (caution: your notes will not be saved).

This app uses a proxy server in order to bypass the CORS restrictions.

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