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Latest News (September 29) -- Install Alleycat Player

Alleycat Player was last updated on August 7, 2022 - get version 5c
Kraker Local Proxy Server was last updated on November 9, 2022 - get version 4e
8kun Bread Launcher was last updated on August 23, 2022 - get version 2e

Test drive the Alleycat Player demo here. (Updated March 25, 2022) 👀

NEW! Send your questions and feedback to my email: 8chananon@mail.com
Version 4e of the Kraker Local Proxy Server is an important update!

Everything has been working like a charm with no performance issues whatsoever but that doesn't mean that the proxy server can't be made better.
Check out the latest documentation to see what is new and improved.

Still to come: the Meme Finder and a new version of the 8kun Bread Launcher.
A brief history of the Alleycat BBS

The name comes from an old project I started in 1981 called "Alleycat BBS". This is of nostalgic value to me.

The Alleycat BBS (Bulletin Board System) has disappeared into the fog of history. Nothing can be found about it in any archive. It was small with just 200 to 300 users. The computer which hosted it was also small. It was an Ohio Scientific Superboard with 8K of memory (later upgraded), a one-Mhz 6502 CPU and a 300-baud modem with a home-made phone pickup device. The code was written with a home-brew OS and a very basic machine code assembler. The service ran for three years and enjoyed a solid reputation. The name "Alleycat" was fondly regarded and, no doubt, persists in the minds of its former users. It seems only fitting to bring the name back to life.

The term "Bulletin Board System" has fallen out of favour over the years. While the boards of today are certainly more sophisticated than the boards from the 1980's, there is little difference in terms of the intended function. Posting messages and replying to messages is a tradition that goes back to the stone age of computers.
Links to my other Internet sites:

My board on 8kun (also called "Alleycat BBS")

My Koofr archive site (download what you like)

My repositories: Internet Archive - Github
Alleycat Player is a browser-based application for extracting and viewing videos from websites.

  • Support for over 50 video sources including Youtube, Bitchute, Rumble, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Download or play videos or copy the video link for playback on an external player such as VLC or SMPlayer.
  • Sources for free movies and TV shows. Many of these sources are unsafe but not with Alleycat Player.
  • Over 250 Internet TV channels and Internet Radio. Quick and easy push-button access for channel surfing.
  • Advanced video player controller with seek presets, brightness adjustment and more.
Kraker Local Proxy Server is a tiny server based on Node.js which is a popular open-source web server development platform. The server is used by Alleycat Player to access websites which would normally be inaccessible due to browser cross-origin restrictions. This is fully explained in the installation instructions.

A recent upgrade provides an additional feature. This is a Socks5 tunnel proxy which you can use with your web browser to select your preferred DNS provider or to bypass the DNS altogether. You can also access the Tor Network automatically for ".onion" links. This requires installing the Tor Browser or the stand-alone Tor client.
8kun Bread Launcher is an alternative method of accessing the website 8kun.top which is a free speech site made famous by the activist known as Q (who is believed to be a military intelligence insider).

NEW! The Launcher now supports auto-updating and posting. This is a significant upgrade and there is more to come. The time is NOW to get this super-fast and ultra-efficient replacement for the default 8kun client.
Please submit your suggestions, feature requests, bug reports or dumbass opinions here.

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