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If you have not installed the Kraker Local Proxy Server then please go read the Installation Manual.
Alleycat Player does not auto-update. Please check for an update every two to four weeks at the link shown above.

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Press the "End" key to go to the bottom of the page. There you will find links to each of the video viewers.
Pick a station and play the radio. Music soothes the heart and mind. You need to relax in these difficult times.

Release notes for v5x (unofficial release)

Release notes for v5c (August 7, 2022)

Update: This version was revised on October 5 due to an error with the HLS/m3u8 (not working). It was trying to load a file which doesn't exist though it does exist on my system. Sorry about that but nobody complained (as usual).

Release notes for v5b (March 25, 2022)

VidNode has changed its domain again (it is now, although will redirect to it. I read on TorrentFreak ( that the domain was being targeted by the usual "copyright" defenders so I guess VidNode is playing hard to catch (kek). Also, an encryption algo was added to the process of extracting the video link. Stuff like this has yet to defeat me though I admit that it can be tiresome to deal with. In the case of VidNode, it is worth the effort. Hopefully, I won't need to update again anytime soon.

There was a small change to the way the video link is handled with the US Internet TV trio (,, There is an interesting story behind this and which is now, redirecting from the previous domain Yeah, it can be tricky to keep up with these domain changes but that's the game that has to be played. I still don't get how the TV trio seems like a protected group though. Anyway, some months ago the TV trio changed their sites to use encryption for the video link, presumably to guard against the Kodi addons that were stealing from I cracked the encryption but it looks like the Kodi addons got stopped dead. I'm only guessing, of course. The encryption stayed in place for several months and then it got dropped (shortly before the last Alleycat update). The video link is now in the clear with no protection. Why? Also, the TV trio has been vacillating about forcing VPN access to some of the channels. For a while, the sites were unusable and I had to grab TV links from other sites. Now, it's just a handful of channels other than the sports channels that are VPN-restricted. The encryption on has been in place for over a year and hasn't changed at all. However, for a period of two or three months, they added the Google Invisible Captcha to the encryption process and I couldn't crack it for a few reasons which have nothing to do with the encryption itself. Why was it dropped? Google stopped it or maybe they couldn't justify paying Google for the captcha account. Anyway, things appear to be pretty stable right now. I managed to restore the sports channels ( died) by going through which doesn't use any method to protect the video links. It's been that way for several months so I guess it'll be staying that way (knock on wood).

Release notes for v5a (November 17, 2021)

Release notes for versions 1a to 2f
Release notes for versions 3a to 3e
Release notes for versions 4a to 4h

Special Notes

Sites accessible with a Podcasts DIG:

Sites accessible with a Brightcove DIG:

There are three symbols used to indicate the options available for a particular site. [#] means no DIG option because the video ID is always exposed. [?] means that video ID numbers are not available (you have to DIG). [+] means that both ID numbers and the DIG option are supported.

Here is a rundown of each site, the available video formats and the site URL (link will open a new tab or window):

Sites List -- Go to Info viewer or News viewer or Movie viewer

YouTube mp4/webm *[#] KRKR !
BitChute mp4 ?[#] Proxy !
Rumble mp4/webm *[+] Proxy (DIG) !
Vimeo mp4/m3u8 *[#] Proxy
InfoWars m3u8/mp4 ?[+] No Proxy
Brighteon m3u8 *[+] KRAK !
DailyMotion m3u8 *[#] CORS !
153News mp4 *[#] Proxy
BrandNewTube mp4 *[#] No Proxy
Odysee mp4/m3u8 *[?] Proxy
Twitter mp4/m3u8 *[+] KRKR
Facebook mp4 ?[?] Proxy (CORS)
Telegram mp4 ?[?] Proxy
TikTok mp4 ?[?] Proxy
Gab TV mp4 *[?] Proxy
Twitch TV m3u8 *[#] CORS
PragerU m3u8 *[?] Proxy
TEDTalks mp4 480p[?] Proxy
Nat. Film Board m3u8 *[+] No Proxy
Earth TV m3u8 ?[?] Proxy
iHeartRadio mp3 [#] No Proxy

Fox m3u8/mp4 *[+] No Proxy
ABC mp4 360p[+] Proxy
CBS m3u8 *[?] Proxy
CNBC m3u8 *[+] Proxy
CNN mp4/m3u8 *[?] No Proxy
C-SPAN m3u8 *[?] KRAK
MS/NBC mp4 *[+] Proxy
PBS m3u8 *[+] Proxy
CBC mp4 *[+] Proxy (DIG)
CPAC m3u8 540p[#] No Proxy
CTV m3u8 *[+] Proxy (DIG)
Global mp4 540p[+] Proxy
TVO mp4 360p[+] Proxy (DIG)
BBC m3u8 *[+] Proxy
Press TV m3u8 *[?] Proxy (mp4)
Al Jazeera mp4 *[+] Proxy (DIG)
Bloomberg mp4 *[+] Proxy
Deutsche Welle mp4 *[#] No Proxy
Epoch Times m3u8 *[?] Proxy

? = unknown or auto-select (m3u8/mpd)
* = user selectable (via format box)
! = use the Sandbox option to embed the video.
KRAK = only accessible with the Kraker Local Proxy Server
CORS = only accessible with a CORS unblocker (or Kraker Local)
KRKR = accessible with the Kraker Remote Proxy (may have limitations)

Movie Sites -- Go to Info viewer or News viewer or Movie viewer

TubiTV m3u8 *[+] Proxy
TheArchive m3u8 *[+] No Proxy
VidNode mp4 *[+] KRKR ! ! ! !
KeyMovies m3u8 *[?] KRAK
UniqueStream m3u8 *[?] KRAK
XHamster mp4 *[#] KRAK !
XVideos m3u8 *[?] Proxy
CloudVideo m3u8 *[#] CORS ! !
MixDrop mp4 ?[#] KRAK ! !
StreamTape mp4 ?[#] Proxy ! !
Streamzz mp4 ?[#] Proxy ! !
UpStream m3u8/mp4 ?[#] KRAK ! !
UserLoad mp4 ?[#] KRAK ! !
VideoBin mp4 ?[#] Proxy ! !
Vidoza mp4 ?[#] Proxy ! !
VOE mp4 ?[#] Proxy ! !
AudioRealm mp3 [+] Proxy
RadioNet mp3 [?] Proxy

! on a site url = use caution on these sites due to popup ads
! on proxy type = use the Sandbox option to embed the video.

Note that quality level (example: [720]) may not be the same as resolution.

Some search sites to get video links from:

Internet TV  --  TV Guide:

Go to the Movie viewer, select a TV stack and press the button for the desired channel. That's it. All channels are m3u8 live streams and most are not region locked. Some channels require an initial lookup (thus requiring a CORS proxy or unblocker) to find the direct stream URL. Such URLs are temporary and will time out (anywhere from a few hours to two days). Alleycat Player will refresh the link after two hours.

Some channels have two stream sources. This is indicated with a plus sign (+) after the channel name. A double-plus indicates that the streams are from different local stations. Select "webm" in the format panel to access the secondary channel.

Internet Radio

Simply go to the bottom of the page and press a radio button to play the Internet Radio. That's it. For your convenience, the radio will pause when you play a video. Press the Clear button to unpause. You can also open a radio station in a popup window.

You can input your own URL for either an mp4 or an mp3 or whatever your browser supports. To play a YouTube video in audio-only mode, just enter the 11-character video id.

To find some radio station URLs, you can use the AudioRealm DIG tool supplied with the Movie viewer. Also supplied is a stack with links to iHeartRadio and Virtual DJ. These will pop up a window with an embedded web site.

Info / Entertainment  --  Sites List  |  News  |  Movies  |  snap

Format (m3u8)   Use Proxy


Allow Multiple    No Play

Raw  Sandbox

No Video


News & Propaganda  --  Sites List  |  Info  |  Movies  |  snap

Format (m3u8)   Use Proxy


Allow Multiple    No Play

Raw  Sandbox

No Video


FREE Movies & TV  --  Movie Sites  |  Info  |  News  |  snap

Format (m3u8)   Use Proxy


Allow Multiple    No Play

Raw  Sandbox

No Video


Internet Radio

Talk Radio Cool Music Funky Music Just Garbage More Garbage
Fox News Talk
Talk Radio UK
WABC Talk Radio
Republic Broadcasting
American Family Radio
The Blaze Radio
Red State Talk
The Fringe FM
Voice America
BBS Talk Radio 1
BBS Talk Radio 2
Revolution Radio Studio A
Revolution Radio Studio B
Rense Radio Live

InfoWars - Alex Jones
InfoWars - Harrison Smith
InfoWars - Owen Shroyer
Star FM Rock Classics
Rockin Doc Radio
Lynx Classic Rock
Rock Radio
Radio Caroline
Retro Hits
Dance Wave
Salsa Mexico
Disco Classics Radio
Lounge Radio
Absolute Trance Radio
Starlite Radio

Virtual DJ: ClubZone
Virtual DJ: TheGrind
Virtual DJ: Hypnotica
Virtual DJ: PowerBase
Radio Free Americana
Venice Classic Radio Italia
Tropicalisma FM
Rockabilly Radio
Dandelion Radio
Entranced FM
Toxxic Radio
Radio Swiss Jazz

BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1-Extra
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4-Extra
BBC Radio 5-Live
BBC Radio 6-Music
Nashville FM
Country Power Station
Death FM
Wu World Radio

Danheim: Mannavegr
Audiomachine: Decimus
Classic Rock - Greatest Hits
Radio El Dorado
Asia Dream Radio
Streaming Sound Tracks
Tiki Bar Radio
Radio Mi Amigo Int'l
Nagaswara FM
Schlager Time
iRie Rockers
Company Radio
Rahva Radio

Nature Sounds
Star Trek Music
The Cars: Full Album


Info  |  News  |  Movies